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Polio Vaccination Child

EPI to pay parents for vaccinating children in tribal areas

According to the new strategy of motivation, parents will receive Rs 200 per visit till six visits as per EPI schedule.
Polio Vaccination Child

Two new polio cases reported in KP’s Lakki Marwat, Bajaur disctricts

Two separate polio case have been reported each in Bajaur tribal district and Lakki Marwat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Roman Khan

Polio effectee disabled youth seeks financial support for treatment

Doctor prescribed him treatment that would make possible for him to walk at least with crutches instead of crawling which would cost Rs. 250000 for curing.

Alarming; Children dying of polio vaccination in Khyber Agency

Death toll raised to five as three more infant died, allegedly, of polio vaccination and health offcials confirmed it in different areas of tehsil Bara and Landi Kotal of Khyber Agency.

No single polio case registered this year in Khyber Agency

Kicking off the seven days polio eradication campaign in Khyber Agency some 220,000 children of five years and below would be administered polio vaccine during the campaign.

New polio case reported in Khyber Agency

According to sources in the National Institute of Health (NIH), blood samples of two-year-old Abu Sufyan were taken few days ago and now the presence of polio virus has been confirmed in the child.

‘Zarb-e-Azb helped decrease polio cases in FATA’

In less than a year, polio cases in FATA have dropped to just seven in 2015 from 179 during the same period in 2014, showing tremendous progress in eradication of the crippling disease in the area.

New polio case reported in N. Waziristan, thousands of children at stake

Hilal, a 12 month old daughter of Sadullah is the latest victim of the crippling disease. Her father told that their children did not receive a single drop of the polio vaccine. Sadullah is a resident of Datta Khel village near Miranshah in NWA.

N. Waziristan! Another polio case reported

This is the second polio case in the passing month December, as NWA is known as one of the most affected area regarding polio. The area is also most volatile and very difficult for polio workers to access.