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Military court sentenced two former army generals in NLC corruption case

Convicted retired generals awarded punishments under the Pakistan Army Act for causing a loss of Rs1.8 billion.

19 including army officers die as train falls into canal near Gujranwala

At least 80 people have been rescued and injured people have been shifted to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Gujranwala, said government officials.

Pakistan wins first JF-17 order at Paris Air Show

The latest models of the jets are lightweight multi-role aircraft capable of Mach 2.0 (twice the speed of sound) with an operational ceiling of 55,000 feet.

Chinese president visits Pakistan, agrees $46bn investment

Xi Jinping arrived in Pakistan on Monday to launch projects worth $46 billion, a figure that would far exceed U.S. spending in Pakistan and underscores China's economic ambitions in Asia and beyond.