I am an FCR victim; Tribal youth, activists must speak up

If you belong to FATA or PATA, please speak up now. Demand 'abolishment of FCR'. Tell the world "I am an FCR victim". Do it now or suffer forever.

World Tolerance Day! Where are you standing?

Experts say people are short tempered in present scenario, not willing to accept other’s viewpoint and criticism.
APS School Massacre, APS Massacre

APS massacre still haunts nation after 4 years

Every year, haunting images of blood-soaked books, school bags, dead bodies in school uniforms, and traumatic bereavement of parents on December 16,...

Former ISI chief Hameed Gul dies of brain hemorrhage in Murree

Former ISI chief was shifted from a hospital in Murree to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Rawalpindi after his health condition worsened.

FATA women seek representation in reforms process

Few women from the tribal areas have stepped up now to raise voice for the rights and development of women in FATA.

Media discus our divorce, insult our values; Reham Khan

I have married after 10 years of my first marriage, I didn't marry PTI's chairman, celebrity or cricket icon, but I married a common man who was living a life, loneliness like me

US, biggest purveyor of war on the planet; Ken O’Keefe

We invaded on a false premise in which we do not even have the evidence to be able to indict, much less convict in a legitimate court, Osama bin Laden of the crimes of 9/11 and for those of us who are paying attention we know darn well that 9/11 was the ultimate false flag.
Landmine victims

Landmine victims in Fata are helpless to survive

Neither government nor non-governmental organizations payed attention to clean the area of mines. Most of the landmines were found in cultivating fields and in foothills near to the villages like Basharah.
KP Assembly

KP Assembly passes landmark Fata merger bill

Total 92 members of the 124-seat provincial assembly voted in favour of the bill to mainstream and merge the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) with KP

Hamid Hussain martyred to save his students

The brave teacher ordered his students to stay inside as Taliban gunmen stormed the building with heavy fire.

Military court sentenced two former army generals in NLC corruption case

Convicted retired generals awarded punishments under the Pakistan Army Act for causing a loss of Rs1.8 billion.

Family quarrels, money, marriage choice compel people in Pakistan to end their lives

Out of every 10, 4 people commit suicide because of family quarrels, 2 because of financial reasons, 1 because of marriage choice and 3 because of other issues.

Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter welcomed with $45 billion surprise

The parents plan to give 99 percent of their Facebook fortune to charity over the course of their lives via a new foundation, Zuckerberg announced in a letter embedded in a post commemorating the birth of the couple's first child.
Shah Noorani Victims

At least 52 killed, 102 injured in Shah Noorani shrine ‘blast’, Khuzdar

Women and children are among the victims in the blast which was a suicide attack carried out by a 14-year-old boy, police said. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.
Naqeeb Mehsud

Important eyewitness in Naqeeb Mehsud case is missing

Invetigation Officer asked S.H. Court to cancel the highly influential Rao Anwar's bail as he can destroy all evidences of the Naqeeb Mehsud's murder case.