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The day when democracy dies, #5thJulyBlackDay

The history of militarization of Pakistan goes back to 1947. Its a journey from need to greed. #5thJulyBlackDay

A Never-Ending Ordeal for South Waziristan’s IDPs

One of the least-reported aspects of the ordeal of displacement is the neglect for education amongst those government agencies catering to the IDPs.

I was treated as a sister of opposition party’s MNA

Wanted to say something that I felt during my visit to Pakistan this year, just that next time some one else don't feel deprived or treated not fairly.

Bashir Ahmad Bilour’s martyrdom and our tragedy

"People are like my sons. How can I stay at home when my children are killed in blasts?" Bashir Ahmad Bilour Shaheed
Fizza Malik

The martyrdom of Fizza Malik

"She left home early in the morning saying 'mom! I have some urgent work today, I'm going early', started her car and went, but we received back her dead body, her white clothes coloured red with her blood,"

Pashtuns are done: it’s time for others to join the party

All the centres that preserve and promote Pashtun traditions and culture have already been blown up by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and other militants. Now it should be time for others to either firmly stand against the militants or raise their hands and join the party.
Mona Naseer

Tribal women and the question of Taliban Sharia

With estimated seven million population of FATA women constitute up to 60% of the work force in the agricultural sector, mainly to earn their sustenance and support their families.
Raza Dotani

11/12/13! The consecutive date for the next 90 years

People around the world celebrate the day. Because it is the 11th day of the 12th month of the 13th year of this century.