A new case of polio has been reported in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) which brings the total number of cases just in 2014 to 10 and all the victims belong to NWA.

National Institute of Health (Islamabad) confirmed the case. Hilal, a 12 month old daughter of Sadullah is the latest victim of the crippling disease.  Her father told that their children did not receive a single drop of the polio vaccine. Sadullah is a resident of Datta Khel village near Miranshah in NWA.

More the 2,00,000 children remain deprived of the polio vaccination. Taliban had threatened and stopped polio teams to work in North and South Waziristan agencies in 2012. Polio vaccination is still banned in the tribal areas.

Taliban have been saying that they are not against the polio vaccination but why US and UNO vaccinate our children when US kills our innocent children in drone strikes. “First stop drone strikes, then we will allow polio teams to work,” Taliban says.

Totally 75 polio cases were reported in Pakistan in 2013; Punjab – 6, Sindh – 7, KPK – 10 and the rest 52 cases from the tribal areas, FATA. North Waziristan is a tribal agency where 52 case were reported in 2013.


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