Over Tuesday night Pakistan air force (PAF) Jet fighters launched heavy strikes against Taliban in North Waziristan. The military sources said that more than 24 militants were killed and TTP denied killing of Taliban.

Security sources claimed that the top Taliban commander Adnan Rashid is also dead. But Taliban denied the killing him too. Adnan Rashid who was sentenced to death in the murder attempt case of Musharraf. But he was freed in Bannu Jailbreak.

Journalists and common users on social media expressed their reaction on the fresh military air strikes in North Waziristan. Many people called it targeted operation and appreciated.

But many others said that the operation is not a ‘targeted’ one. Former president of Tribal Union of Journalists (TUJ) Safdar Dawar tweeted something same.

Adnan Rashid’s killing was also denied by the Taliban. Security sources have already claimed his killing. But Safdar Dawar said with reference to local sources:


Later on the New York Times reporter for FATA Ihsan Tipu Mehsud published a written-denying note from TTP on twitter and also said:

Raza Dotani tried to talk about the situation of the local people, how they are suffering.

Reporter of the Deewa Radio (VOA) Adnan Betani updated news about the killing of another key militant; who was the master mind of ‘suicide bombers’ Wali Muhammad:

Raza Rumi, an Islamabad based journalist believes that not only Waziristan should be the target. There are many other places in Pakistan where Terrorists have hideouts.

South Punjab, Karachi and Baluchistan are also the areas need to be cleaned.

But on the other side people are criticizing the air strike and saying that common people are being killed.
Professor Ijaz Khan, expert on Pak Afghan Affairs and War on Terror, said:

Radio broadcast journalist Shaheen Bunairy tried to disclose the fact about the militants, living everywhere in Pakistan.

A Karachi base journalist, Ali Arqam also tried to get attention to another point; ‘how Taliban can spread in the whole country’:

Many people are happy with the air strikes on North Waziristan but ask that why now?


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