National Institute of Health (NIH) Islamabad confirmed polio virus in a twelve month old child who belongs to the tribal area North Waziristan Agency (NWA) on Sunday.

The child Nasir Khan is a resident of Toor Tanga village in Miranshah, who has been diagnosed with a polio virus, type-1 strain.

This is the second polio case in the passing month December, as NWA is known as one of the most affected area regarding polio. The area is also most volatile and very difficult for polio workers to access.

NIH said that the affected child was not given even a single drop of polio vaccines.

Totally 75 polio cases were reported in Pakistan in 2013; Punjab – 6, Sindh – 7, KPK – 10 and the rest 52 cases from the tribal areas, FATA. North Waziristan is a tribal agency where 52 case were reported in 2013.

Taliban had stopped the polio teams to vaccinate the children in the tribal areas. Taliban had said that they are not against the polio vaccination. Taliban says that one side US and UNO vaccinate our children and on the other side US kills our innocent children in drones. “First stop drone strikes, then we will allow polio teams to work,” Taliban says.


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