Indo-Pak Conflict gives lifeline to Pakistan’s Emerging Entertainment Industry

For the past 2 weeks both sides of the border have been dealing with rising conflicts, disputes and allegations on what actually happened on Thursday morning – The Indian claim of Surgical Strikes or the Pakistani statement of cross-border firing?

Recent events and statements springing about from the other side of the LOC are contrary to the initial claims issued by the Indian army – With the Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi hinting towards non surgical strikes taking place in the aggressive cross-border conflict.

However, the question at hand is not about who is politically correct in the ongoing conflict that has shattered all previous attempts of peace between the two rivals. But rather, the impact of the measures being taken by both the countries amidst the rising tension. With harsh statements being made from political figures and celebrities from both sides, the situation is serious and doesn’t appear to be calming down anytime soon. There are some sane celebrities who are maintaining a neutral stance and are advocating peace. But their opinions appear to be pointless in wake of the rising emotions of patriotism from both the nuclear powered states.

The opinions of peace-advocating celebrities are pointless in wake of the rising emotions of patriotism.

Even if Pakistan does continue to take the high road and go on and preach peace, at this point it will make no difference at all. Rather, it will portray a spineless image of Pakistan – That even after facing claims of harboring terrorism within its borders, we continue to admire Indian celebrities and allow them to form a vital part of our lives.

So what to do?
We need to realize that by refraining from Indian products and entertainment we are not igniting the flame of war and hatred, we are simply reciprocating the fire lit by our neighbors that cannot be tamed from our end. Hurtful, political and biased statements from the Indian film fraternity became the talk of town before neutral bodies could even legitimize the surgical strike claim (which for the record, has been denied)

Hence the need of the hour is for Pakistanis to take pride in their own cultural heritage and local entertainment, and attempt to eliminate the menace of Indian customs and vocabulary that has creeped within our society and contrasts our religious and cultural values.

Our budding entertainment industry couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to thrive to greater fame. The brilliant success of the 3 Pakistani movies that released this Eid-ul-Azha can now being repeated on a continuous basis. Since they’ll be no more bollywood films competing with them; to take away the limelight.

Our media needs a quick push of content and production to cope with the ban.

Right now, every individual wants to take part in this quest of preserving national honor in any and every way they can. But to maintain it till things normalize and our neighbors are actually willing to initiate talks and negotiate terms, our TV channels, radios and cinemas need a quick push of content and production to cope with the ban.

For the Pakistani entertainment network this is a great opportunity to engage viewers that have never given Pakistani dramas and movies a chance before, and to convince the rest that we can do well without the over-dramatic serials and painfully predictable movies that India produces in bulk.

PEMRA and the leading cinema houses across the country have taken a bold stance for Pakistan. Now it depends on all those involved in the entertainment sector to exploit this great opportunity and to win the hearts of the now idle public. While we, as audiences, need to support our entertainers and industry and stand by them in this crucial time; ensuring that they don’t face heavy losses in return of the nationalist move we are all proud of!


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