Maya transgender person

A transgender person ‘Maya’ has been allegedly murdered by his father and thrown the dead body near Kabul River in Khat Qila area of Nowshera, police sources said on Sunday.

Police has arrested the father of the 19-year old transgender person Aftab Aurangzeb also known as ‘Maya’ and started investigation into the case. They say the transgender person was shot dead.

Police said that the father, Aurangzeb Akbar, had given the police written assurance that he wouldn’t harm his son, before returning him home.

According to the police, Maya’s friends were already worried that the family would harm the son, so they requested the police to get written assurance before Maya’s home returning.

Meanwhile, transgender community has announced to stage protest in Peshawar against Maya’s murder. They alleged that Maya’s father has reservations over his becoming transgender.


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