Polio Vaccination Child
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Peshawar — The Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) has to pay those parents in the erstwhile Fata who vaccinate their children during the polio campaigns.

According to the new strategy of motivation, parents will receive Rs 200 per visit till six visits as per EPI schedule.

Government has transferred funds for the purpose to local authorities in the newly merged tribal areas.

Parents who bring their children to the local vaccination centers will receive this amount to cover their traveling expenses.

EPI Programme Manager for the tribal districts Dr Sahibzda Muhammad Khalid said that the coverage of routine vaccination is much below the desired level due to recent temporary displacements and repatriation.

Homesteads in merged areas are mostly scattered and away from the health facilities and this incentive will at least lessen their financial burden of transportation of children to the health facility for vaccinating their children.

“It will reflect a positive effect on the vaccination coverage on one hand and reduction in mortality and morbidity on the other hand,” the programme manager said.


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