Kalaya Bazar Orakzai Blast
Kalaya Bazar after the blast. (Photo: Twitter)

The affected families of the Kalaya Bazar suicide blast on Tuesday demanded enough compensation similar to the Punjab government-approved package for such affected families.

Orakzai tribal elders have talked to TNN and demanded a package equivalent to the Punjab government’s compensation package.

Malik Khadim said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government should compensate the Kalaya Bazar blast victim as much as the Punjab government compensate to its affected families.

The tribal elders said, “The amount announced by Governor Shah Farman was not enough as most of the families have lost their sole breadwinners.”

Moreover, another tribal elder Rahim Orakzai stressed on early payment of compensation and asked for tangible steps to avoid such incidents in future and arrest facilitators of the suicide bomber.

It is worth to mention, that a suicide bomber killed at least 32 people and injured 31 others in Kalaya Bazar of lower Orazkai tribal district on 23rd November last week.

Most of the killed ones were poor people and labourers who were also the only ‘sole breadwinners’ of their families.


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