Afghan forces (File photo)

Afghan National Army (ANA) resumed offensive military operations against Taliban after President Ashraf Ghani declared an end to the government’s unilateral ceasefire, on Saturday.

The ceasefire is over. The Afghan security and defence forces are allowed to restart their military operations,” Ghani

President Ghani called it “98 per cent successful”, and said, the ceasefire lasted 18 days with the Taliban’s unilateral three-day truce for Eid.

Ghani said, we knew from the ceasefire, the majority of the insurgents wanted peace and it was the “Taliban’s turn to give a positive response”.

“I am ready to extend the ceasefire anytime when the Taliban are ready,” he said at a press conference.

The insurgents returned to the battlefield last week and refused to the Ghani government to extend the ceasefire, launching attacks across the country.

Taliban fighters and security forces spontaneously celebrated the holiday that caps the holy month of Ramazan, hugging each other and taking selfies.

The Taliban vowed on Tuesday to continue their bloody fight against the government and their foreign backers, brushing aside rising civilian casualties.

The renewed violence has poured cold water on hopes the truce would provide a clear path to peace talks, with the Taliban refusing to bow to pressure to lay down their arms until foreign forces withdraw from Afghanistan.

The truces did not extend to the militant Islamic State group, which has a relatively small but potent presence in Afghanistan, and launched two deadly attacks on ceasefire revellers during Eid.

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