Dotani Tribe Protest
School children, tribesmen and youth of Dotani tribe protesting against the Political Administration.

Peshawar — Elders, youth and school students of the Dotani tribe in South Waziristan have been protesting against the Political Administration and saying that they are not allowed to enter the local markets, government offices and get health facilities.

In the protest, they have blocked Wana to Zhob road, shut down schools and refused the Polio vaccination in Tehsil Toi Khula.

The protesters told, due to a local tribal dispute between Dotani tribe and KareKhel caste of the Wazir tribe, the local administration has blocked all basic facilities including health and education in Wana for them.

It’s worth to be mentioned here that the Dotani tribe and Karekhel caste of the Wazir tribe have been fighting each other over a piece of land Chenikhwa, which is mostly desert area and situated to the South of Wana sub-division.

On March 15, two persons were killed and 8 wounded in a clash between both the tribes. Later on, the Political Administration arrested several Dotani tribesmen under the FCR law.

A social worker Ghulam Dotani told Tribal Post that the administration has blocked all allowances and facilities including health and education for Dotani tribe in Wana. “Our people are not allowed to go to Wana Rustam Bazaar and hospitals, Dotani students are not going to schools in Wana because there is a ban on us,” added by Ghulam Dotani.

“All official activities of the Dotani tribe have been blocked, and the people are helpless to get medicine and food for themselves,” he said.

Dotani tribesmen have been protesting since the last three days while demanding to release their beloved ones and unblock their government allowances.

It is one of their basic demands to resolve the dispute of Chenikhwa according to government records and documentations. They also demand of removing the Assistant Political Agent of South Waziristan as said, he was responsible for everything.

The Political Administration is completely silent and no official is available to tell their take over the issue.

The arrested Dotani tribesmen are still behind bars in Wana, while the protester vowed to continue blockade of the Wana-Zhob road, polio vaccination and schools until their demands are accepted.


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