Fish in Landi Kotal
A fish-seller frying fishes for his customers in the Landi Kotal Bazaar (Photo: Ahmad Nabi)

Landi Kotal — On the arrival of winter season, use of fish has increased many folds in Landi Kotal bazaar as the tribesmen are keen to consume fish to gain extra calories in the chilly weather.

The locals were on the view that since the government of Pakistan had imposed an extra tax on import of sheep from Afghanistan at Torkham; the price of “mutton” had raised that restrained middle class tribal to buy. But luckily abundant availability of fish in the market was an alternate source of energy in the cold weather.

More than eight fish shops at different points and streets can be witnessed in Landi Kotal Bazaar frying or deep frying fish for its customers.

Ayaz Khan, one of the fish sellers in the market said that they usually sell three kinds of fish including Silver, Rawoo and Malay which they brought from Ganta Gar, Peshawar.

He further said that they bought the product at Peshawar market on Rs. 360 per 1200 grams and sold it on Rs.400 per 1200 grams.

“On daily basis in cold weather, approximately 400 kg fish are consumed in the bazaar and on Sunday or rainy day, the demand of it increase many folds,” Khan said and adding daily dozens of customers eat it in the shops and take it home for their families.

Abdurraziq, a resident of Shiekhmal Khel who was buying fish there while sharing his experience said that it was the best food in winter not only for the adults but also for the children.

Unavailability of mutton, fish is the best choice to fill deficiency of energy and to beat cold season he maintained and adding the price of the fish was reasonable as compare to other markets like Peshawar and could afford even a poor one.

Another customer, Abdul Malik of Gagra area said that he ate fish to change the taste, in addition, it was a bitter food to bear severity of the cold.

Counting benefits of white meat he said, fish had low fat, easily digestive and eating of it was useful for heart patients.

The price of fish was affordable but he feared that in rising of demand of the item, would lead the shopkeepers to raise its price in near future.


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