Afghan Students
Afghan student while entering their school in Bacha Mena area in Pakistan's side at Torkham, after getting their special card to cross the border. (Photo: AHMAD NABI / TRIBAL POST)

The Pakistan border security officials issue special cards at Torkham border to Afghan students to continue their studies across the border in Pakistan.

Facilitating Afghan students with special identity cards is a part of the border management policy at Pak Afghan shared border; Political Naib-Tehsildar Shamsul Islam told the Tribal Post.

He said that Pakistani government initiated to implement a comprehensive border management policy last year, to curtain illegal movement on the border and afterward nobody was allowed to enter Pakistan’s areas without propoer legel documents from Afghanistan side.

Large numbers of Afghan students, residing in bordering villages of Afghanistan who were studying in private educational institutions, located in Pakistani bordering area of Bacha Mena, Torkham, were among the affectees of the new policy.

The Pakistani officials formulated a special project for the effected Afghan students according to which particular cards, Radio Frequency Identification Card (RFID) were issued to them so that they could continue their studies, the official added.

“The sole purpose of the relaxation was to let the poor Afghan parents decorate their children with ornaments of education in Pakistani school,” Mr. Shams maintained.

According to the administration official, total of 232 applicants forms 183 cards had been issued while the rest of it were under process.

A separate office has been established in Torkham beside installation of special reading machines at the border to facilitate the students on their entry and exit he said and adding the students now attend their classes without interruption.

The official added that RFID was valid inside the premises of Torkham and could not be used to travel outside of Torkham area.

Zameen Khan is an Afghani student, a resident of Afghani bordering village Lal Pura and studying in 10th grade in Pak-International Public School, Bacha Mena. He told Tribal Post that issuing of RFID card was a privilege to them to carry on their studies in Pakistani schools.

The Afghan students expressed their gratitude to Pak government and requested to expedite the card issuing process so that other willing children of their village could get admission in the schools.

Another foreign student, Zar Alam of Daka village of Afghanistan while sharing his opinion said, his village lacked education facilities, therefore, he along with dozens of his companions attended their studies in the schools across the border in Pakistan.

“I want to acquire high education and serve my country, Afghanistan,” Mr. Alam remarked.

Scores of the students missed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) last year because of the suspension of the border as tension had developed between Pak and Afghan forces at the border, the Afghan students said and adding the Pak-Afghan governments should adopt the students’ friendly policies at the border.

When uncle of five Afghanis students, Aurang Zeb was contacted for his version on the matter, he told Tribal Post that most of those students were born in Pakistan and familiar with Pakistani education system, however, he added, the parents were worried about their children, studying in Pakistani schools in Torkham till their return to home due to distant area travelling, menace to their lives of heavy traffic and border clashes usually taken place between Pakistan and Afghanistan forces.

He urged the Pak-Afghan authorities to devise and promote such kind of policies at the Pak-Afghan sharing border, Torkham to assist Pashtuns, residing on both sides of the border.

According to the authority concerned the RFID is valid inside the premises of Torkham and cannot be utilized to travel to Landi Kotal and onward.


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