Pakistan gate Torkham
Pakistan Gate at Torkham Border.

Khyber Agency — Clearing process of import and export commodities due to the introduction of new conditions for clearing goods in the Custom Center, Torkham.

On Wednesday morning, the custom officials at Torkham center set nine fresh conditions for export at Torkham border.

According which the clearing agents had to produce “Authorization letter, Proof of payment, Trade agreement between parties on prescribed papers, Grading and Marking Certificate under grading and marking rules 1967, 68, 70, 71, 73 and 1979, Membership/registration with respective product association(licensed by DGTO, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan), Certificate of origin from respective product association, Copies of CNIC and National Tex Number (NTN), Phytosanitary (fruit and vegetable) Certificate/Animal Quarantine Certificate and I.P.O’s registration of Brand for Export of food items.

For import, the custom house asked the clearing agents of providing the as follow document while clearing import goods via Torkham border. It includes Authorization letter from importer to clearing agent, Certificate of origin, Phytosanitary Certificate (for fruit/dry fruit and vegetable), Aflatoxin Certificate for (fruits and dry fruit), Agreement between importer and Afghani exporter.

When Haji Wahid Shinwari, vice-President of Torkham clearing agent association was contacted on the matter he said that it was impossible for the clearing agents community to meet the conditions set by the custom officials, He added that it was time-consuming procedure to produce all the requirements as offices of the authorities provided the certificates were located in Peshawar, in addition, most of the agents were unfamiliar with the newly introduced clearing regulations.

Because of lack of proper documents, not a single truck of export or imports was cleared on Wednesday at custom office, Torkham, Haji Wahid said and adding tomorrow an emergency meeting of the association was convened that would decide the future strategy regarding the implementation of new clearing rules at Torkham custom center.

It is important to mention that as halting to clearing process, tens of hundreds loaded long trailers and trucks stranded on both sides of the border.

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