Chief of the Khuga Khel tribe holding press conference at his Hujra

Khyber Agency — The arrested persons of Khuga Khel tribe were released on Wednesday  after the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam(JUI) FATA’s General Secretary and senator Taj Muhammad Afridi hold talks with the political administration to resolve the dispute.

Talking to this scribe Senator Taj Muhammad Afridi and Qari Jehad Shah Afridi, Secretary Information JUI Khyber Agency said that after successful talks with the officials of the political administration the detained persons were released and the administration were making arrangements to shift them to Landikotal.

According to the political administration authorities that about 120 tribesmen including tribal elders were arrested because they were challenging the writ of government at Torkham and Landikotal bazar.

Meanwhile a prominent elder of Khuga Khel tribe Malak Shafi Ullah Shinwari talking to a press conference at his resident in Khuga Khel said that Torkham taxi stand issue was peacefully resolved but there were some persons who were creating  issues for their self interests. He said the Khuga Khel elders wanted to settle the taxi stand issue peacefully.

It is to reiterate that Khuga Khel tribe elders have disagreement over the auction of Torkham taxi stand and a dispute was rose between them in recent days which led to the detention of nearly one hundreds tribesmen of the Khuga Khel by the political administration of Landikotal.


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