Khyber Agency — The Pak-Afghan transporters were observing a wheel-jam strike on 4th consecutive day against the illegal tax being collecting from them by Pak-Afghan officials at Torkham.

An Afghan transporter Khial said this scribe that up to Rs20,000 thousands were collecting from them at various check posts from Karkhano market to Torkham. He said although the officials were issuing them some receipts of the paid money but the remaining amount were illegal. Khial said that suspension of the trucks was causing a big loss and it was causing some 3000 to 5000 rupees loss to every transporter due to wheel-jam strike. He said on Torkham side they were also compelled to pay a huge amount to Afghan Officials as tax money which they said illegal and injustice with the truckers and transporters.

Another transporter Abdullah said although they pay some legal amount as tax money while going from Karkhano market to Torkham but there were rupees they pay were illegal and they don’t get the payment receipts from the officials.

When the assistant political agent of Landikotal Rahimullah Mehsud approached trough text message said that strict action will be taken against those found collecting illegal money from the transporters. The officials said yesterday he met with the transport union leaders and they complained against the Afghan officials who were collecting Rs.10000 from Pakistani transporters.

A custom clearance agent Hameedullah told media due to the wheel-jam strike of Pak-Afghan transporters the import and export of goods was badly suffered which directly cause a huge loss to country exchequer. He said the collecting of illegal money as tax from the truckers should be stopped by both country officials.

Meanwhile the Pak-Afghan transporter union leaders after holding successful talks with the Pakistani and Afghanistan border officials announced to end their wheel-jam strike after the officials of both countries assured them that illegal money would not be collected from them.

An Afghan trucker was also shot killed by the Afghan border police at Afghan side Torkham some days ago when the Afghan transporters were protesting against the illegal tax money being collecting from them by Afghan border officials.


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