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Khyber Agency — The newly elected cabinet of FATA Olympic Association (FOA) was unacceptable as it was chosen behind the closed doors, officer bearers of different games from FATA and tribal elders remarked on Saturday.

The tribal elites, political leaders and officer bearers of FATA sports associations including tribal elder Malik Salahuddin, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) FATA leader Javed Afridi, office holder of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PLM-N) FATA Sardar Azam Afridi and FATA General Secretary Tag of War Rahat Shinwari held an emergency meeting here in Jamrud Sports Complex.

They said that Shahid Shinwari and Rehmat Gul Afridi in jointly scheme, secretly and unconstitutionally formulated FATA Olympic Association cabinet.

They regretted that the cabinet members of associations of different games from the tribal belt had been kept uninformed and with endorsement of unrepresentative and nominal members, the fresh cabinet was constituted which was injustice to original sportsmen of FATA.

The Presidentship of FOA is non-political post but ironically beside holding responsibilities as PTI’s FATA leader, Shahid Shinwari has been grabbing the post for the last few years that is unlawful, they alleged.

They demanded of the governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Directorate Sports FATA and Pakistan Olympic Association to take forthwith notice of the matter and issue dissolution order of the cabinet and make arrangements for conducting of fair election, starting from agencies level to FATA.

They threatened that if their grievance was not addressed, thousands of associations’ members, players and sports lovers from across the tribal would commence indefinite agitation against it.


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