Khyber Agency — Afghanistan forces on Sunday started unproved firing at Torkham border targeting local population causing injuries to nine civilians at Torkham Bacha Maina area, Local and official sources said on Monday.

According to ISPR official statement Afghan security forces started unprovoked firing at Pakistan security forces at Pak-Afghan border Torkham on 9:20 pm on Sunday which injured a security force man. The ISPR says that to check the terrorists movement the Pakistani authorities are constructing a gate to check the illegal movements at Torkham.

According to the officials of the political administration at Torkham the Afghan forces used heavy artillery and guns targeting the civilian population at Bacha Maina Torkham where some nine persons including children injured. The wounded persons have shifted to hospital for medical treatment.  According to the locals residing at Torkham the security forces announced through loud speakers to vacate their houses and shift their families to safer places to avoid human losses.

Official sources said that in retaliation the Pakistani security forces artillery targeted security check post of Afghanistan forces. The sources also said that SF also used small guns targeting the security check posts of Afghanistan forces to shut their guns and artillery.

Qari Said Hakeem Shinwari, the in charge of Alkhidmat Foundation rescue team said their volunteers participated in the rescue operation during fierce firing between Pak and Afghan security forces at Torkham  by transporting some 400 persons from Michni check post to Landikotal. He also said their rescue team volunteers also shifted nine injured civilians of Bacha Main to hospital.

Meanwhile the security forces have also imposed curfew in the surrounding areas of Torkham and Landikotal and have warned the people to remain inside their houses. Pak-Afghan border Torkham was remained closed for all sort of traffic on Monday.

It has also been observed that on both side of Torkham loaded trucks carrying goods, food to and from Afghanistan have been stranded and a dozen of Afghan families were also seen who had trapped in  Landikotal during the holy month of Ramdan in scorching sun light. It is also learnt that security on both side of border has been tighten and extra security force personnel and artillery has been deployed at Torkham.

Firing from Afghanistan and Pakistan side was stopped and  Pak-Afghan border Torkham was still closed till filling this report.


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