KHYBER AGENCY — The recently returned Temporary Displaced Persons (TDPs) of Tirah Valley have expressed grave concerns over nonpayment of compensation for their destroyed houses and asked authorities concerned to initiate forthwith work on the matter.

The FATA Secretariat officials’ had earlier announced giving Rs.4,000,00 for demolished home while Rs.1,600,00 for partially damaged house.

According to local residents of Tirah Valley, at least 90 percent of houses in volatile area had been destroyed or partially damaged by alleged militants but so far no practical step was taken to either compensate them or start rehabilitation and reconstruction work on homes. They categorically said they even could not transport materials for two rooms on already announced payment of Rs 4,000,00 by government as it could not eliminate their requirements.

A Sikh community member Uthar Singh, of Khyber Agency Tirah Valley while sharing his grief said that alleged militants ruined his well furnished house comprising of around 15 rooms as he was not assisted by relevant authorities in this regard. The lack of financial resources has forced me to live in Peshawar city instead of reconstructing home in militancy-stricken Tirah Valley, he regretted.

It is unfair that the government was not enlisting names of those tribesmen who themselves reconstructed their homes in Tirah Valley, Uthar said and adding they had no other option after return but to start construction work on destroyed houses.

Mubeen Afridi, a tribal youth from Tirah Valley said that the survey being initiated by government machinery after destruction of homes annoyed local peoples because the merit was greatly violated in enrolling process for distribution of compensation money. Alleging the Khyber Agency administration, he said it made discrimination by facilitating its blue-eyed persons in the scheme.

Aggrieved tribesman further informed that they had little monetary resources to rebuild their homes after repatriation and the political administration on the other side had ruled out listing their names in compensation package.

A total of 70 percent destroyed and damaged houses in parts of Tirah Valley have been surveyed and the remaining 30 percent would be completed in near future, said an official of Tirah Maidan administration. As per rules, the payment would not be made to those who had themselves built their houses in the area, he clarified. He claimed the complaints regarding nonpayment of compensation have been forwarded to officials deployed at Fata Secretariat.


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