Mohmand Agency: Most of the students in Zor Kali area of Khwezai tehsil of Mohmand Agency leave education because there is no primary school in the area.

Zor Kali is a far-flung and backward area in tehsil Khwezai with low literacy rate having no health and other basic amenities.

Taj Muhammad a local resident of the area said that our village has a population of about 1000 but there is no primary school for boys or girls in the area. There is a primary school for boys in the Gat Warsak at a distance of four kilometres.

“Due to unavailability of schools in the area most of the area children are deprived of the basic education,” he said.

He added that their patients die while on the way, taking them to the Peshawar hospitals due to no health centers in the area.

Another resident of the Ali Muhammad said that they face shortage of drinking water, neither the local administration nor the local parliamentarians sanctioned for the area.

He said that locals even using lack waters for drinking due to the non availability of clean drinking water schemes in the area.

They said that tribesmen bring water on donkeys from a distance of four kilometers every day which is a tough job.

Lal Muhammad a resident of the area told that there is no High school for boys in the entire sub-division of Biazai in this modern age while on the other side the government claiming of schools enrollment in tribal areas.

Locals said that they have demanded so many times form the locals’ administration’ and parliamentarians for the solution of their basic problems like health and education but in vain.

They demanded of the Governor KP and PA Mohmand to initiate development works in the backward area.

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