GHALANAI — Due to the risky location the only one Government Primary School for Boys Dahand Pandiali is an alarm for the locals. Most of the local students are saying goodbye to education because the school building situated under the Dahand bridge and adjacent to the main Peshawar Bajaur road.

Dahand is the most backward area of lower Pandiali tehsil with a low literacy rate.

Zar Wali khan a local resident of the area said that the only primary school for boys was constructed in 1977 while there is neither girls’ primary nor middle schools for boys in the area, due to which most of the students say good bye to the school.

Bismillah Jan school teacher told that we have enrolled 90 students due to the risky environment parents doesn’t allow their children to the school.

“On the above the main Peshawar Bajaur road passes while in front mountainous Nallah and also the Dahand Bridge due to which most of the students feelings fear” said Bismillah Jan.

Rustam khan a 4th grade student told that our school is located between the two mountains drains when there is raining we cannot come to school due to flood.

He said that there is no proper way to the school from the main Peshawar Bajaur road therefore students as well as teachers facing problems to coming down to the school.

Another student of the school told that he wants to play cricket but there is no play ground in the school and he plays cricket on the road.

Although the said school was without a main Gate and also there was no security guard for the protection of students which is also an alarming situation for the students.

The school also lacks the basic facilities like bath rooms, furniture and drinking facilities.

Locals residents of the area demanded of the education department to shift the said school building to another suitable place.


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