Palosin Wazir, located in the east of ‘Center Kurram’, is one of the most deprived villages in the tribal areas. About eight thousand families of Khojal Khel tribe are populated in the village, situated on about 40 square meter area.

The Khojalkhel sub-tribes Kabirkhel, Manekhel, Sabarikhel, Agarkhel, Wujikhel, Lolkhel and Jojikhel have deprived of all the basic facilities and they have never seen any development in their village – Palosin.

The most important issue, they face since the independence of Pakistan, is the problems in obtaining domicile certificates, national identity cards and passports. They say, they live without a geographical identity, they are also deprived of health and educational benefits.

“The Palosin children can’t get further education after matriculation because they are not given the right to obtain domicile certificates and national ID cards.”

“We have been facing so many problems here and government ignored us,” tribesmen of Palosin told the Tribal Post, “We have not domiciles and national ID cards, how can get any health or education facility with any identity.”

The tribesmen of Palosin have never voted to elect their political representatives. “We have no access to the government offices, we have no voice in the national media,” they said.

People of the Palosin
People of the Palosin

These tribesmen have set up a small committee named ‘Tanzim-e-Nujwanan Palosin’ (Palosin Youth Organization) to struggle for education in the village. Based on self-help.

The Palosin villagers have been maintaining peace by their own efforts.

“We are protecting this area from any militancy and never allow insurgents to live here in our village,” said the villagers.

The members of the organization told that there is no single school or no health center and no basic facility in Palosin. “Our forefathers were populated here before the creation of Pakistan – about 150 years ago. But today we are living in stone age,” youth said.

The Palosin tribesmen have also land issues with the local tribes who are rich and have influence in government. “The other tribes like Bangash have people in government and their children read in other areas of the country. They control our lands and deprive us of all the basics needs of life,” the elders said.

Other basic facilities like roads and electricity are never seen in the Palosin village. “We collect a very small amount of money from the villagers and make small roads every year after floods destroy it,” villagers said.

The elders demand the prime minister and governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to provide the basic health, education and communication facilities to them. “We are patriotic people and want to educate our children. We appeal the government to build schools, hospitals and roads for us.”


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