Waziristan Educational Welfare Society (WEWS) has announced free tuition academy for poor students, currently in two different locations, in the winter vacations, in Wana.

The youth led organization WEWS has been running free tuition academies in South Waziristan’s subdivision Wana since the last 5 years to support poor students.

WEWS free tuition academies have been started classes in the City Public High School Dabkot and Al-Bironi Public High School Wana.

Chairman Musa Khan and General Secretary Jamshid Wazir during media talks told that they have been supporting poor students since the last five years.

“More WEWS tuition academies will be also opened in other villages of Wana subdivision.”

Musa Khan said that FATA is very backward in education, “We are doing what we can. We wish to support poor children all over FATA. But we have very limited resources. We face more difficulties even teaching a very small number of students.”

Jamshid Wazir appealed local rich people and donors to donate WEWS so that they can educate more poor students. “We have to educate all those children who are hopeless.”


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