Today when Pakistani officials handed over Sharbat Gula to Afghan authorities and deported her at Torkham border, Kabul received her with such a big honour. President Ashraf Ghani and first lady Rula Ghani were eagerly waiting to welcome the National Geographic’s ‘green-eyed girl’ now believe to be in 40s.

Sharbat Gula with Ashraf Ghani
“Pleased to have welcomed Sharbat Gula & her family back to Afghanistan. Her life inspires us all. She represents all the brave women of this land,” Ashraf Ghani tweeted.

President Ashraf Ghani has given away the keys of a residential apartment to Nat Geo’s famed ‘Afghan Girl’ Sharbat Gula and promised taking care of her family’s health and education.

Sharbat Gula with Ashraf Ghani
President Ashraf Ghani giving key of the house gifted, to Sharbat Gula

First lady Rula Ghani hugged Sharbat Gula and express her love.

Sharbat Gula with the president's wife
President’s wife Rula Ghani welcomed Sharbat Gula

President and first lady showed great love to the family of Sharbat Gula and loved her children.

Ashraf Ghani & Rula Ghani
Ghani and Mrs. Ghani with the children of Sharbat Gula

Afghan and international media covered the story and reported warm welcomes to Sharbat Gula.

Ashraf Ghani & Rula Ghani
Family members of Sharbat Gula, Afghan authorities and large number of media persons were present there at the function.

A member of Sharbat Gula’s family thanked the president for his support. “Sharbat Gula’s life represents Afghanistan’s sorrows and pains, she wants peace in the country so that other refugees return home country like her.”


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