Once a journalist asked me; “Raza you are a tribal person, Am I right?” — “Yes, I am an FCR victim,” I answered. “How?” he asked. I told him what I know.

The Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) comprises a special set of laws of Pakistan which are applicable to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

The law states that three basic rights are not applicable to the residents of FATA – appeal, wakeel and daleel

…(the right to request a change to a conviction in any court, the right to legal representation and the right to present reasoned evidence, respectively).

It is well known, however, that the tribal agencies (FATA) were not originally under the British rule. The FCR was initially implemented in the so-called settled areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province that were under the control of the British Raj. FCR was only implemented in FATA after the birth of Pakistan.

Under the draconian FCR, the political agent or his deputy, the assistant political agent, enjoys unbridled powers – both executive and judicial. There is no regulatory mechanism to check misuse of power by the political agent which often results in serious human rights violations.

I request you all to speak up against the “black law” FCR — which oppresses our voices but you raise your voice.

  • Whenever you post something regarding FATA or any political cause, just include the hashtag “#IamanFCRvictim”.
  • If you can write blog posts regarding FATA and want to publish it online, please go through the Tribal Post and join the professional blogs.
  • If you can design or edit images, make your profile picture and put a water-mark “An FCR Victim”.
  • When you brows webpages and find something to comment, just go and speak up there and tell the world that you are an FCR victim.
  • Speak up; everywhere on the social media and tell the world that we want a complete abolishment of the FCR.

FCR stops us to speak, write, listen, move and work freely for our rights. The FCR has been characterized as “draconian”, a “black law”, “illegal”, “unconstitutional” and “un-Islamic” by the people and the courts. The FCR was enacted by the British colonialists as an instrument to subjugate the local people and to stop any rebellion by the Pashtuns.

Let’s speak up and get rid of the slavery — called FCR. So that our coming generation can live as human beings.


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