PAkistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan has said she and Khan decided of divorce due the lake of understanding.

Telling about why she decided to marry Imran Khan, Reham said; “I have married after 10 years of loneliness, I didn’t marry PTI’s chairman, celebrity or cricket icon, but I married a man who was living a life, loneliness like me.”

“We we talked about Pakistan (our country), I found, we have same direction.”

“I asked him, how can we marry, we don’t know well each other (personally). He smiled and said, he can’t work everything (in personal life) for public, he wanted to marry with his own choice,” Reham Khan told BBC Urdu.

“I told him, I have been trying to make my own image, personality, I left my first married life with great difficulty. I am happy,” said Reham Khan.

“(If I marry you) I am afraid, my private life will be compromised. He said, whatever your problems are, once you became Mrs. Imran Khan, no one will interfere your personal life. He said, but you shouldn’t show cowardliness.”

Every woman marries to settle down with her family for long time.

“We both were sincere to marry. but we couldn’t continue our married life anymore, because, we found lake of mutual understanding. I have some different goals,” Reham told in the interview.

“Afterwards, many allegations were put on me, it’s really bad and sad. In Pakistani society, if a woman only thinks of divorce, she is threatened many ways.”

Reham Khan said that divorce hurts, “It’s not easy but it’s our right. Those who pass through such situation, it’s painful for them. But when people discuss it wrongfully, it really hurts.”
Answering a question about her aimbitions of politics, Reham Khan made it clear that she is never interested jump in politics. “No, No.. It’s not true. No Pakistani woman can decide of divorce on such issues (as politics),” said Reham.

“I supported Khan in politics because, he was a part of my family, also in other works. Khan has no objection over my support, he never mind it.”

Neither I want nor I can to start politics, because of my dual nationalities.

Reham Khan told that In August people started discussing my personal life when some people sent emails to Khan expressing fears as if I wanted to start politics.

“I told Imran, I would promised you in written to show people, that I never want to start political career. I want to see you successful truly.”

We can’t solve our problems with politics in Pakistan, we need to change our thinking; Reham

Reham said that she was neither a member of PTI before nor now. “I don’t’ know what the ideology of PTI is. PTI is a party of change and We hope, its politics shouldn’t be like other parties. I can only wish them the best.”

Answering the question if Imran Khan can become Pakistan’s next prime minister Reham Khan said; “As I see the situation (of Pakistan politics) uh….. but I can’t say anything. I wish Imran Khan good people who work truly for Pakistan. I wish him success.”

No ‘genuine candidate’ can win without free and fair election; Reham

Reham Khan ignored to tell the basic reasons and issues that brought she and Imran Khan to the ‘mutual divorce; “People discussed me and my children (wrongfully) right after my marriage, but being a wife of a politician I couldn’t talk on it publicly. Now after our divorce, it’s over. We shouldn’t take interest in someone’s internal family problems,” she added “Our religion (Islam) also teaches us, we should be sorry on this. But we shouldn’t discuss it wrongfully, don’t discuss it more. He works his own way, I wish him success. I work my own way.”

“We should finish this trend to discuss someone’s personal life. Our media targeting our personal lives to show very bad image of Pakistan to rest the world. To broadcast such (wrong) language, they insult Pakistan’s values. I am ashamed of this all. They don’t think about our pain.”


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