Sang-e-Mar Mar (previously titled Daasi) is a Hum Tv romantic drama serial and its first episode was aired on 1st September 2016.

The entire production was shot in beautiful Swat District. Mainly shot in upper swat’s beautiful village of Ronyal and in itsoutskirts.

“Sang e Mar Mar” written by Mustafa Afridi, features the Pashtuns and their lifestyle. In the very first episode it shows the typical differences between two Pashtun families and their personal rivalry.

Senior and Famous TV star Noman Ijaz playing an overstrict role of a powerful family chief (Khan) as Gulistan Khan and Mikaal is playing the key role as Aurang Khan son of Gulistan Khan.

We can’t say much more about the drama whether it portrays the Pashtuns truly or over-exaggeratedly but you will love the first episode but Why?? You need to Watch it (click here). That’s why we can hope that it will entertain us till the end.

Watch all episodes of “Sang e Mar Mar” Here

The Drama Sang e Mar Mar stars Sania Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar and more. It is fourth appearance of Noman Ijaz in Hum TV after 2013’s serial Rehaai. It is 2nd appearance of Uzma Hassan along with Tipu Sharif after 2015’s serial Mohabbat Aag Si.

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