Taher Shah released another song “Angel” after three years of his first sensational release “eye to eye”.

Taher Shah not only sang the song “Angel” but also wrote its lyrics and gave the direction of its video as he did in his first song “Eye to Eye”.

Taher Shah’s new viral release is one of the top trends on Twitter in India and Pakistan and also grabbed huge number of the viewers on YoutTube.

His first most viral release on social media was “Eye to Eye,” which he sang in April 2013. Now he is back with “Angel” on April 8, 2016.


Lyrics of the song “Angel” by Taher Shah


Angel, mankind, angel, mankind
I am like an angel
mankind’s angel
my heart is like a rose
mankind soul
did his creation
by god
heaven on earth
mankind’s angel

lonely for you
like an angel
your love is mine
true angel

without you
I always live alone
as the heart beats
without a soul

I fall in love
with you always
like angels
love other angels

angel angels
mankind’s angels
la la la la
la la la la

I and you
are both like angels
within a human
is an angel
love is the
often angel (?)
you are my lovely sweet angel

without you
my love stays alone
like a mermaid
lives alone
when I found you
I was so glad
as I came
lovely heaven

angel angel
mankind’s angel
la la la la
la la la la

We can all be angels
a human like an angel
shines as a star
the angel’s character speaks like a flower
the stars are decorated by angels
like the dew feels petals of a flower
all angels remain quiet
like those flower that persist silent
but spread their essence but always desire jovial

you are beautiful
as the universe
charming angel
you are beautiful
oh angel
you are so special
as you are my lovely reflection
son you are
my honor my angel
you are my faith my soul
my angel

your life is like
a pretty flower
live is so graceful
like an angle

angel angel
mankind’s angel
la la la la
la la la la

Eye to Eye

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