The martyrdom of Fizza Malik

Early in the morning when school children were moving to schools, official were on the way to there offices and security personnel were already on duty, judges and lawyers of the Islamabad district court  held their chairs and opened their chambers. They were waiting for their clients. But they did not know, how they will be attacked and their beloved ones will be made cry.

Some men came inside the Islamabad District Court and blown up themselves. Then the walls, tables, windows and doors were coloured red with the blood of young lawyer Fizza Malik,  Additional Session Judge Rafaqat Ahmed Awan, senior advocate Rao Abdul Rashid, advocate Tanveer Ahmed Shah, advocate, Mian Muhammad Aslam, AIOU regional director Muhammad Riaz, policeman Akbar Umer Tariq, junior Munshi Talib Hussain, court staff Shabir, Haji Sanullah and one other. … The suicide bombers martyred 12 innocent people.

The martyrs were still celebrating the yesterday Green shirts “boom boom” victory over India, but soon the enemies of humanity arrived there and silenced the voices celebrating joys.

All the martyrs were innocent and precious lives. However, the martyrdom of the young lady lawyer Fizza Malik made the nation cry. She had started her law-practice two days before her loss.

Fizza Malik was graduated from University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK. She had returned her country to serve her nation. “She left home early in the morning saying ‘mom! I have some urgent work today, I’m going early’, started her car and went, but we received back her dead body, her white clothes coloured red with her blood,” saying this her mother was crying.

Just after the attacks, politicians were talking their rubbish on TV channels, TV channels were busy in creating more tension, more conspiracies and earning their business while the beloved ones of the martyrs were beating their faces.

Read in the following how people expressed their sorrows over the “Shahadat” of Fizza Malik.


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