Thanks Chief Justice for not calling me for appearing in Court No.1

Both the Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) have spoke at the one day national symposium on ‘Alarming Growth in Population in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Khan started with a funny way of thanking the chief justice for inviting him to the program, saying:

“I am thankful that you invited me here, but not appearing before you in the court number one.”

Khan thanked for not inviting him to the court (court number-one).

The CJP was smiling on his comments and was carefully observing his body language (Watch the video).

More funny points of the PM were when he said, I wish the others can talk about the population control, and other issue as much as the opposition members “praise and admire” me on TV channels. 😀 His political opponents never miss a single chance to blame, criticize and call him a “Yahoodi Agent”.

He recalled how he loved the famous “Panama Papers case“, “I didn’t attend my school so regular as much as I attended the Panama case hearings in the courts.”

Previously during his 100-days agenda briefing in Islamabad, Imran Khan had told that his government was to empower common poor people with Poultry farming business. “We will give them chicken and eggs.” And then, the non-PTI nation trended on social media making jokes of the Khan’s poultry farming ideas.


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