Brother married his sister? Another girl as a victim of son-father clash

Yesterday, it was learnt that a boy got married to his sister. I was shocked, what the hell is this happening. Yes, in a society where Mashal was murdered for a crime which he never did, Malala Yousafzai was hit with bullets for going to school, more than 150 school kids were killed for getting education and so many more heartbreaking stories we have.

On the other side, a brother marries his sister, and those all so-called Islamic clerics are silent who loudly announce to kill Mashal.

Marrying siblings is against both, the laws of Pakistan and religion Islam. Now those religious scholars who asked to kill Mashal, are waiting for the law to be in action. They would definitely wait so police can arrest the couple, or law will do something with them. I wish, they would have done so for Mashal.

Anyway, this news came from Nowshera district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where a brother married his step-sister.

The girl’s mother reported to the local Risalpur police station, “Her stepson Saqib deceivingly took her daughter Sarwat Hayat away from home and later married her. Since then they were on run from home.”

Thanks to the KP police, they lodged an FIR against them under PPC 363/34. The boy (Saqib) has been arrested now and is on remand with police. The girl has also been sent to shelter home Mardan for 13 days and remanded Saqib in police custody for a day. The court also ordered conducting medical examination of Sarwat Hayat.

But wait the case is interesting: Watch the video and listen to the “married siblings” to know why they did so.

The boy said, that he needed a safety as he feels insecure with his father and stepmother. His uncle also said, that he was sure they have not married, the boy has some clashes with his father and so he did this. WTH is this???? The boy also disclosed that they did so in Karachi where a Mulvi helped them. OMG, but I don’t believe, I think, he is lying.

The girl said, that she didn’t like her stepbrother and she is ashamed of taking this step (marrying her stepbrother).

Here is the conclusion of this drama. The boy has differences with his father, and maybe with his stepmother more than the father. His stepsister is a victim of this unfortunate incident. So another sister, another daughter is victimized between the son and father’s mutual clash. Why always sisters and daughters are targeted this way.


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