The two faces

Our society needs to grow up to dealt with mental health issues in the way they need to be.

Why should I take my 5-year old son to a psychiatrist? How did you dare to say this that my son has some mental disorder? You are just a teacher in this school, and we people pay you enough to work harder to teach our children. My four children secure Grade – A, every year, but now the system of the school has been changed. The old teachers were quite good and honest with their profession. Now instead of accepting the failure of unlearnt staff of your school, being a primary school teacher, you are talking about the mental status of my son. If he failed in your school, I will admit him in another competent school where highly qualified and talented staff will educate him.

These were the embarrassing words of a mother whose son had failed in Grade – 3, to a primary school teacher who apologized to her. However, the student couldn’t continue his education and got out of the school.

Seven years later, today he is in a grocery shop and is working with his father without completing his primary level of education.

This is a face of our society where sometimes questioning about someone’s mental status for his/her betterment is considered like blaming his/her personality. The problem of mental health is dealt in our society.

According to a report of World Health Organization (WHO), every fourth person of the world population suffers from mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.

Becoming ill is very much normal being a human, but allowing the illness to contradict with your daily routine and restraining the good future is not normal at all. If the parents in our society accept that a child can be depressed or can suffer from some mental condition, their children performance can be improved.

There are certain learning disabilities every human being have, that’s why we see a diverse labour division in the world. Some people are very good at operating machines, but they are not good at literature and art, same it is for students as well. If a patient is diagnosed correctly, advised the required medicines, it is evident that the patient will be cured. Same as when a student has some learning disability, a psychiatrist diagnoses his/her targeted disorder, and he/she is provided with the required therapies and their learning disability disorder get fixed.

Chimpanzee jumps from one tree to another to resolve a problem. Our society needs to grow up to dealt with mental health issues in the way they need to be. – After all, it’s a sort of illness, not a sin.


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