She is an honest human

My sister Ayesha Gulalai and my family have experienced worst recently but we take it as a lesson

My family and I are blessed to experience the worst of human behavior recently. We always take it as a lesson. Allah is patient, just and may Allah guide us all Pakistanis in the right direction.

I and my family always stayed true to Pakistan & Pakistani nation. I am proud of my sister Ayesha Gulalai. She is one true honest human and an exemplary leader for Pakistan.

Alhumdulillah, we are stronger in faith than ever before and determined in duty to play our role for Humanity.

In Pakistan, almost everyone is a follower of some political party but it is good to see the followers of humanity, righteousness. Politically infectious or brainwashed ones will love you or hate you, support you or oppose you but I am thankful to those who looked at us as humans and didn’t paint us with one color.

I want to Thank all those good Pakistani people who supported my family. These people of Allah are hope and makes me feel that they are the reason Pakistan is still there on the map of the world.


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