Colouring the Dreams

The inspiring tale of a medical student who left her studies to colour her dreams.

Amidst of order or disorder of political and economic situation of the country, there are sites which give a person a complete paradigm shift of realm. A few days back I have taken my old uncle to a plastic surgeon clinic for his impaired ear problem.

I saw a young designer Durr-e-Shahwar who was fixing her paintings on the wall. At first, I feel it very odd that sick people visit a doctor to get the cure, so what the paintings have to do with them.  But then, later on, I got a chance to ask that designer girl about her work. I got surprised, she had left her medical studies as she had the passion for fashion designing.

Durr-e-Shahwar has very strong words for her passion, “People may suit their dreams but I colour my dreams with painting brush.”

Durr-e-Shahwar, who left her medical studies following her passion, what she called “colouring the dreams”.

She believes: “An artist never creates ideas but these ideas revealed upon them and simply with their paintings, crafts, and designs they give them practical shape. This meaning of art makes it something gifted from a heavenly body, being the bestowed one artist serves the humanity with his/her talent.”

Durr-e-Shahwar said: “What if the people with impaired facial parts get some courage or relaxation by having a glimpse to my painting. Colours have lots do with human health. In today advance world psychologist diagnoses different disorders by painting of their patient. And even there are certain therapies in which colours are used for treatments.”

I was feeling crazy for my little understanding towards art and designing after listening to her sensational words. A horrific thought came to my mind that we have heard all the times that designers only design naked dresses and they have to do only with crafts making. How their creation has multiple parameters with different fields of life.

Durr-e-Shahwar is adding beauty to the world and colouring her passion and dreams with painting brush

My gaze again fixed on her painting in which human brain, hands and eyes engulfed in heart. Again she started to elaborate her painting. The meaning of this painting is obvious by its strokes that beauty perpetuates in the eyes of a viewer. How we see the world it depends on us.

“In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, we were facing terrorism for so many years, still all these hurdles never curtail the love of art in us. In fact after every blow it more purified the beauty inside of us. Limited with resources is a bit different and small tale. The social stigma being a female in the field of designing is more difficult to handle. When moving around people behave as if female designers are Elian or even some consider us as pagans.”

“Our efforts are not appreciated at the societal level being Pashtun and pathetic it comes from the government side that it never counts us, lest we even not exist. Opportunity provision from concern authorities is just like deceiving oneself,” Durr-e-Shahwar told me about societal reaction and behavior towards her passion.

Our youth stand like a rock for their dreams, and they are stronger than their elders.

“There are always fewer hands to backup but lots of to demotivate you. Many people on the first hear so admonish me that I am just wasting my time, still, I am feeding my passion,” she told about her courage, “I am working for my own satisfaction. For me, I am not wasting my time rather developing myself.”

Durr-e-Shahwar’s eyes were sparkling with hope when she said: “Giving to this world unconditionally is not wasting time, but it simply means that one is not materialistic and self-sufficient. I am adding beauty to this world and it made me closer to Godliness quality,” she said louder.

Such words of a young designer compelled me to think the whole way back to home from the hospital that how our youth is tackling with the problem of neglection. With more competition and fewer opportunities; still, they stand like a rock for their dreams, how they are stronger than their elders. And to call such dedicated youth unproductive without providing them the way how poor it is.

The sitting KP government had made many promises to the youth but in vain. Now again the elections are nearer, let see what the new slogan are made to cross over the poor mobs, but I am sure that the youth of this province have utmost resilience and they will remain to colour their dreams and of this nation as well.



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