The unfortunate Fata

FCR deprived the local tribes of the basic human rights, and have made them second-class citizens.

Federally Administered Tribal Areas; Fata’s people are facing every kind of cruelties and injustices. Tribes’ people are victim; they are killed in attacks of US Drones. They are killed in bomb blasts of Taliban-Militants. They are still living under British colonial era black law — The Frontier Crimes Regulation.

Fata’s people is given a special status, and governed by Frontier Crimes Regulation. FCR is outdated, flawless, and inadequate in providing justice. FCR deprived the local tribes of the basic human rights, and have made them second-class citizens. Pakistani high judiciary has declared FCR against basic human rights, but even then it is there in Fata.

Fata’s people are facing worsening law and order situations. There is killing of innocent people in bomb blasts, land disputes on daily basis. Political administration’s officials are involved in massive corruption, but immune from any audit or accountability. Women folk are degraded and voiceless, and often subject of honor killing.

Fata’s education is in abysmal conditions. Many schools are destroyed in attacks of militants. There are such schools which are used as guest house. Government appointed Teachers are not performing their duties, but setting idle either at home or busy in any other profitable business like opened private School or Tuition Academy etc. It is extremely unfortunate that government‘s high ups are not serious to find solution to the war affected education sector of Fata.

Fata’s health is also neglected. There are hospitals, health centers across fata, but most of the health centers are non-functional. Government departments issues tenders via newspapers, but do not act upon as they do it only deceive public. Doctors do duties in Private Clinics, and government’s medicine is sold at Markets and Bazzar.

It must be remembered that Fata’s people are politically conscious and they are aware of these atrocities and injustices. Now, they are raising voice for their rights, and their struggle for human rights will continue until guaranteed with equal citizenship and rights in Pakistan.


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