What Influence does Wealth have over Politics in America


Modern Democracy as we know it is less than 250 years. For most of the history, except brief period, the World has been ruled by powerful Elites who exercised absolute power over their societies, control the Wealth and resources of their known world and dominated their people by force. And the new World order cabal plans to restore this model of totalitarian rule on a global scale.

In political science and sociology, elite theory is a theory of the State to describe and explain the power relationships in contemporary societies. Elite theory opposes pluralism, a tradition and assumes all individual have equal power.

Let me try to highlight the elite dominated system of United States of America. America is super power in today’s world; every country is directly or indirectly influenced by American hegemony. A kind earthly God for the under develop countries.

The wealthy ones dominate in America

Who dominated power in the United States of America? The short answer from 1776 to the present is; those who have money or who own income producing land and business have the power.  Like George Washington biggest landowner of his time and now most elite business man Donald Trump.

The elites are playing everywhere with common people. They controlled common people brain from centuries. Now I am going to discuss some facts about American country.

United States is funded by rich and it keeps the people on brain level of children, they make sure the people are busy making money to survive, taking care of family, their house. There are allot of people thinking that they are free and has a choice that whatever they want, but they are unknown to the dilemma that It is controlled minded Dictatorship in the costume of democracy.

How can be their no gun control in U.S.A, eventually though there are monthly massacres? In U.S. eleven thousand people are shot dead or injured every year, where in United Kingdom only three hundred, why because U.K. doesn’t have guns. The reason behind this in U.S is that 50% of Senators and Governors are paid by the gun industry.

U.S. military is involved even in those countries who have nothing to do with the terrorism.

In Iraq War Saddam Hussain was captured and hanged till death even everyone knew that there were no Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Now Congress releases secret ’28 pages’ on alleged Saudi 9/11 ties but U.S did not take any action in this regard because of their money and reached in Oil. Instead U.S sent soldiers to countries that has nothing to do with domestic terrorist attacks.

Why did President Barack Obama not fulfill the promise he made in his election campaigns that he will close Guantanamo Bay Prison, where most of the people are prisoner without any charges, evidence and proof for more than decade. He did not veto the detainee provisions defense authorization act which codified the indefinite detention of people include American without trails. This is very astonishing that a ‘super power’ which blamed and punished other countries for hat against racism, violation of human rights and constitution crises suffered itself badly.

Obama did not fulfill his promise to close Guantanamo Bay prison.

Speaking about Jail United States has 5% of World population and 25% of World Prisoners. In America people go to Jail for cocaine in their pockets, and half of the prisoners are there, for drugs procession and more than half of them are black. Why this absurd situation has not got changed, because Washington get paid to keep it going by the prison industry lobby.

In contrast famous rich Stars who are also edict to cocaine and drugs are not sent to jail because law is a controlled mechanism for the rich, they are the law and order, and they made constitution to protect the money and land they stool. The rich are above the Law everywhere in the world.

“Americans do the wrong things right.”

United States blamed and started oppression against terrorist for massacres of innocent people, but they don’t care on the glob U.S Drone killed more innocent children, women and men then militants, especially in FATA (Pakistan). Because according to them “We’re trying to do the Wrong thing right”.

Thus, the main power network of any result in the historical backdrop of the United States has been the economy, which under private enterprise (Capitalism) creates a business-owning class and regular workers, along with small businesses and talented specialty laborers who are self employed, and generally little number of exceptionally prepared experts, such as architects, legal counselors, doctors, and researchers. In this unique circumstance, the key motivation behind why cash can rule – i.e., why the entrepreneurs who contract laborers can govern – is that the population who work in the factories and fields were isolated from the start into free and slave, white and black, and later into various outsider ethnic gatherings too, making it troublesome for workers as a whole to join politically to fight for higher wages and better social advantages.


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