The U.S Presidential election: Liberalism vs Fascism

Fascism is an ideology that which is referred to most probably radical nationalism. The ideology comes to prominence during 1st world war. It is an antithesis to liberalism, Marxism and anarchism. As the ideology was popular during 1st world war it has drastically change the nature of society. A “military citizenship” arose in which all citizens were involved with the military in some manner during the war.

The basic tenets were nationalism and territorial expansions. Presently in Europe it is said that the fashion of fascism in back in Europe. For example according to a survey almost half of the European people choose those parties in their elections who have fascist ideologies.  France, England, Denmark, Sweden Austria are some of the instances.

The most recent election in this regard is that of Donald Trump. The selection of Donald trump is the most disappointed movement in the history of the so called liberal society of America. If we look in depth at the liberal society its basic elements is freedom and equality. Moreover egalitarianism and universality are other important features of this ideology. The question in this regard is that a society that is believes on egalitarianism that believes on universality how they can elect a person who openly states to discriminate the minorities.

Another confusing part of this phenomena is that Donald trump in his presidential campaign clearly states that he will ban no only Muslim but all those whom they will consider a threat to the security of United States. These sorts of bans clearly oppose the basic tenets of liberalism who clearly indicates that they believe in universality and egalitarianism.

If there is universality in their ideological tenets how can they discriminate Muslim? The discrimination cannot be simply on the basis of religious beliefs or creed.  To vote for such a hostile person like trump indicates that there is a dramatic shift in the attitude of American peoples. This shift may be possibly link the fact which is written above.

The fact, that the fashion of fascism in Europe once again comes in prominence. If it becomes true, it will change the map of the world once again. Because we know that fascism is acute nationalism while liberalism is antithesis to nationalism. It is also cleared that fascism believes in a centralized government while liberalism respect democratic norms. So there is a huge gap between the two

It can also be said that America is going towards neo fascism. The basic elements of Neo fascism is ultra-nationalism, populism, anti-immigration policies or, where relevant, nativism, anti-communism, anti-socialism, anti-Marxism, anti-anarchism. These harsh elements of Neo fascism will greatly impacted the other parts of the world as well. It will create hurdles in the ways of developmental projects initiated in developing world. There is a dire need to understand the dramatic shifts in the world politics and the world leaders are required to think and act wisely.


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