We need to change mindset, not regimes

The real change will come when mindsets are changed, not regimes . No one has the right or authority to run judiciary on Allah’s behalf on this planet. Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala has the permission to every creature to live with full freedom and rights from Him on this planet.

Here I remember the story of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) telling the crowd when they were punishing an unknown woman …”Let he who is without sin throw the first stone”.

As a human we all make mistakes one way or the other and this is the way human learns. We all know Allah Pak is the most merciful and forgiving. Government must take action against these fanatics. Such stinking Fish spoils the whole pond.

Way to Islam is tolerance, acceptance & brotherhood, not isolating yourself from others. Live practically the way Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived life. Peace!


  1. Actually Pakistan is a country where the word intolerance is tranformed into religious affliation. Here by the size of your beard your virtues are measured. Here If you are a sane muslim you have to prove it, society doesn’t need your souly purity they need what they want to see.


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