Bashir Ahmad Bilour’s martyrdom and our tragedy

“We want to promote education in KPK. Deserving students to get scholarships”!! These were the words of Bilour’s speech before assassination. In a very earlier statement the Shaheed Bilour had said; ”People are like my sons. How can I stay at home when my children are killed in blasts?’

میرے چارہ گر کو نوید ہو، صف دشمنان کو خبر کرو
وہ جو قرض رکھتے تھے جان پر، وہ حساب آج چکا دیا

First time; all main parties condemn TTP by name and all the federal and provincial governments announced;  KPK, Balochistan and MQM three days, Sindh two days and Punjab and  the federal government one day mourning over the killing of such a brave politician Bashir Ahmad Bilour.

A suicide blast in Qissa Khawani Bazaar of Peshawar killed KP Senior Minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour along with eight others.  Taliban have claimed responsibility of the attack.

Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, Bashir Bilour’s elder brother said; “We live in a Pakistan where Maulana Maududi, Maulana Abdul Haq Haqqani had signed on the constitution. We don’t know who is the sinner and who is on the right. Were those who signed the constitution; were they Muslims? or are these (assailants) muslims? We just don’t know!”

But there is confusion about how it was happened while “The suicide bomber walked into the house where the meeting was taking place and detonated his vest,” Shafqat Malik, chief of the Bomb Disposal Squad, told AFP. The thing here which puts question marks on this whole situation is that how did the bomber got his target achieved ? Why the security men couldn’t”t find who was suspected?


KPK is facing brunt of terrorism and politicians from other provinces think peace will prevail on US exit, Who will bring back shaheed Pashtuns?

The terrorism came into being by the name of war on terror that USA and its allies are fighting on afghan soil for over a decade now. But today Taliban and Afghan government have been agree to bring a new constitution and let U.S./NATO to leave their country as soon as possible. But we are still taking loses and giving sacrifices.

A question raised by every one is that how and why TTP claims responsibility of each attack anywhere in Pakistan and Why all the nationalist politicians had been targeted? Really; No one has answer. Another most raised question is that why our religious parties/politicians like Jamiat Ulama Islam (JUI) and Jamat-e-Islami (JI) don’t condemn strongly such attacks? Really; The religious parties and their leaders can’t do so. Because they neither can close their “political shops” nor lose their “assets” – Taliban!

But it is the time now to make it clear who is right and who is wrong. And it is the basic duty of our Islamic scholars (Ulama) and the religious parties and politicians. They should bring “Fatwa(s) -edicts” and give them (the assailants) a status; right or wrong. And; All political stakeholders in Pakistan must unanimously unite behind the resolve to fight terrorists who are unleashing violence with impunity across Pakistan

A very big question raised on our security agencies is that Why can’t they figure out those elements who are destabilizing our country? People gets killed in cities, streets and homes but no one can protect us. How much will we suffer more?

If we don’t take serious steps we will get back ourselves into the “stone age”. Our next generation will never forgive us. Even they will dig out our graves to say “shame” on us and they would have too because they would be on the right.


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