Education and gender discrimination in Pakistan

A young girl was going to her college with a dream in her sparkling eyes — to become a doctor. She has passion to win over the world. While on road a boy approached him and started teasing her, to grab her attention. She was so scared and looked around for help but in van.

In evening when she returned home. She wanted to tell her family about what had happened to her today. But she was afraid that her family might stop her to study anymore, so she remained silent.

The above discussed event happens daily in our society, but nobody takes notice of it. This is a dark side of our society, where girls are afraid of their own families, especially their father and brothers — male ones, who owing to their egoistic nature can deprive them of their dreams.

Additionally, they even allege the victim of their own faults for all the mess around. Rather to solve the issues of their children they ask their girls to sit at their homes and stop their education. They don’t think that the talent and dream of their girls can go in vain. They really don’t care. They forget that if their girls do not get education they will be in the mercy of their in-laws and husband, who can exploit them any time they want. Moreover, they will always be dependent and never get their due legal and constitutional rights. Her illiteracy will be a barrier in her way of becoming an independent person.

Girls are facing gruesome problems in our society issues like co-education, gender equality and work harassment are still unaddressed. Many laws have been passed so far to protect women but in vain. They are fruitless and will remain unproductive till they are rigidly applied. Even in 21st Century the literacy rate of girls education is very law. Although, it is mentioned clearly in our constitution that it is mandatory on every citizen from 5 to 16 to get free education without any discrimination, yet it is not applied anywhere.

According to UNESCO, the overall literacy rate of Pakistan is 55%. However, in this ratio women participation is only 39.6%. In education index, Pakistan is ranked at 160th country in the globe. People forget that if they educate a man they educate an individual, but if they educate a woman they educate a family.

As there is always a silver lining women are making their way forward now a days. Woman like Oscar Winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinao and Arfa Kareem (the young Microsoft certified) have been brought fame to Pakistan. So it is mandatory to give equal rights of education to women with safety and security. Pakistan can never progress without active participation of women. Our founding father Quaid-e-Azam has rightly said in this regard that “No nation can rise until their women are side by side with their men.”


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