About 52% of our population is women, 34.4% of them are the working women in our male dominated society. Rest of the females – daughters and sisters go to schools, colleges and universities. They all have to left home and travel in the public transport.

These working women and studying females have been facing a lot of troubles in public transport. Like men, while waiting for a bus or van, women also have to stand at the bus stops in extreme weathers but ‘unlike’ men, women cannot take any seat or any van.

Government has done nothing for women in the local transports. However, with self-help, people avoid to take the front seats as considered for women.

The most disturbing thing is the mentally and physically harassment of those women on the public transport. Not only common people but drivers and bus conductors also hurt women with their behaviors.

A file photo of the Daewoo bus hostess.
A file photo of the Daewoo bus hostess.

Once I was travelling a Daewoo bus and saw an aged person annoying and disturbing the young hostess of the bus. I asked the hostess why did she shown no reaction to him? The young girl told me her story who she has to face this all.

“I am Sobia (fictitious name), of very poor family and belong to a small village. I am the only person to support my family, I have none to support me.

To survive I have been facing such immoral and disturbing acts from men during my duty. What can I do? – Nothing.”

Government should more powerful laws to protect and respect women in the public places. Whenever there is something courageous brought by our government – any law, it’s never implemented.

Zar Aslam
Zar Aslam, president of Pakistan’s non-profit Environment Protection Fund, drives a Pink Rickshaw in Lahore April 8, 2015.

The recent ‘Pink Rickshaw’ scheme for women previous year in Lahore was very bold and courageous step from the government. But soon complaints began from the female owners of the Rickshaws and it was said that men harass them a lot.

One of the Pink Rickshaw’s driver Rukhsana was beaten and looted by some ruthless men.

Such immoral and heart-breaking incidents with women reflect the real mind-set of our men-dominated society.
The most common way of harassment is to pass comment on a woman, but it hurt most.

Women in daily life, face so much troubles – physical and mental harassment, lack of value and many others.

All those who harass women anywhere, the shouldn’t forget, that they are husband, son, father and brother of a ‘woman’.


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