FATA, the forgotten land, where we suffer deprivations

Pakistan came into being on1947 and after passing more than 67 years of our independence. we are going towards progress and the whole country are enjoying the facilities of the modern technology. However, our politicians has completely forgotten federally administrative tribal areas and the people of that areas has a great role in the freedom movement. In 1947 when our army refused to fight in Kashmir then tribal people come forward and and get free Kashmir Muslim from the cruel rule of Hindu. It is very sad and strange that the people of fata had not still given them a constitution status.

Fata which is make the pak-afgahn bored spread through 2720 kilometers and the total population of the area is about more than seven million. In the war of terrorism Tribal people leave their sweet homes and sacrifice their life, wealth and everything for the sake of the country. However, tribal still suffering from the disease like poverty, illitarcy, lack of proper health facilities and others necessity of the life.

There is no a single university and medical college in the whole fata and the literacy rate decreasing day by day. According to the latest report the literacy rate in fata is 37 percent for boys and 11 percent for female which is very low as compared to the literacy rate of the country. From the last few years more then 1500 schools of both boys and girls were destroyed by militancy which is not still constructed by the government.

Mostly the talented students don’t continue their studies due to lack of financial support from their families and left their studies. However the tribal people formed their own organization for the promotion in the youth of the fata. Mahsud welfare Association (MWA) and Wana welfare association are among the association which every year provided merit base scholarship every year to thousand talented students from South wazirsistan agency.

Government should introduced scholarship program for those talented students.

Similarly is the case of health and live stocks in the area and their is no proper health facilities in the area and people move towards the other cities of the country.

The most important thing regarding the tribal people is that more than 40 percent population of the fata living in the different areas of the country as internally displaced people. Government should take some quick steps for the rehabilitation of those people and all the progress and development is dependent on the rehabilitation of the local people.

I sincerely hope that government and respective authoritative will take some steps as soon as possible especially in the field education and the education is the best way to defeat terrorism and extremism in the country


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