Why we, the tribal people are deprived of education?

As we all know that education is the most important need of every human because it teach us;

How to lead a stable life?
How to respond to the society?
How to achieve a secure and bright future?
How to expose our talent and hidden abilities?
How to become the real hero of the world?
What is the real reason for living here?

Indeed many questions can be only answered with the word “EDUCATION”

“Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world”

Education is the real key to the success as the food nourishes our body and make us grow. So if the basic need education is also provided on time, we will not only physically grow but mentally we will nurture our mind, character, attitude, talents etc. So education is the only great source of exposing our abilities and talents.

Hence if education is that much important so what are the major reasons that we the tribal people are only kept aside from the light of education, health, and even deprived of choosing our own leader. We have no rights at all. We are Pakistanis to have just national ID cards but in reality, we are not considered as Pakistani. There is no such response to us being the habitant of this country.

Let me tell you the reasons for which we are not given our rights, basic needs and education:

“Because they know that we, the tribal people are the real Pakhtoons that never accept defeat, we are spending our lives in mountains and facing all the problems with great courage and enthusiasm. So if we are given education we are near to explore the world through our talent.”

We ‘tribal’ are brilliant and talented people. If we are provided true education, the day would not be far away that we will rule and serve our country.

We are kept aside because they know that we are the real assets that only need education to polish our great talent and abilities. So we are deprived of all the opportunities.

But now it is enough, we will be no more deprived of education, rights, and opportunities because we, the youth and students have the power to make things possible and show resistance to FCR. And INSHALLAH we hope for the best and one day we will achieve for what we are craving but only we can do this by true believe in ALLAH and by continues efforts. And only we can develop our FATA.


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