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Britain beat Pakistan to reach World Hockey League semis

Pakistan's hopes of qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games were hit hard after Great Britain beat them by 2-1 in the quarter-final of the HWL in Belgium

Claiming ’35 punctures’ was a political statement; Imran Khan

Imran Khan claimed that his party had still succeeded in proving that organised rigging was carried out in the general elections of 2013.

Robert Mugabe proposes to Barack Obama

After the legalisation of gay marriage in the US, Mugabe sarcastically said he’d ask Obama to marry him.

Afghan cross-border attack injures two Pakistani soldiers in SW

Afghan cross-border attack took place near South Waziristan. “Pakistani troops responded and targeted positions from where fire was coming,” ISPR.

Osama bin Laden died in 2005 not in Abbottabad: Hameed Gul

Former ISI chief Hameed Gul has claimed that al-Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden died in 2005 and not in the US Navy Seals raid in Abbottabad.

Pakistan asks UK to provide details over BBC report on MQM

Foreign office wrote a letter addressing the British government to provide access to key information on alleged ties between the MQM and India

BBC exposes MQM funded by India

Officials in MQM have told UK authorities that they received Indian government funds.

MQM rejects all the allegations by BBC

“MQM was accused of the Jinnahpur Conspiracy in the past. All these allegations proved to be false in the fullness of time.”

Hottest summer, Heatwave kills over 400 in Karachi

The scorching heatwave, since the start of Ramazan claimed the lives of more than 400 people according to health and rescue officials.

Army chief spends first Ramazan with soldiers in Khyber

General Raheel Sharif spent the entire day on Friday with troops and tribal people in Khyber Agency.

US refused to give Osama’s son death certificate for ex-al Qaeda leader

Documents leaked by Wikileaks show that the US turned down a request from Osama bin Laden's son Abdullah, a death certificate for this father

Pakistan wins first JF-17 order at Paris Air Show

The latest models of the jets are lightweight multi-role aircraft capable of Mach 2.0 (twice the speed of sound) with an operational ceiling of 55,000 feet.

A year of Zarb-e-Azb, 2,763 militants killed; ISPR

So far 2,763 terrorists and more than 345 soldiers have been killed and 867 hideouts were destroyed in the North Waziristan operation Zarb-e-Azb started.

Save the Children allowed to resume activities in Pakistan

The competent authority has desired that action on above letter to seal "save the children" may be held in abeyance till further orders

Pakistan orders ‘Save the Children’ to leave the country

Authorities ordered the international aid group 'Save the Children' to leave the country saying the charity was “working against the country”