Shahid Shinwari
Shahid Shinwari, president Fata Olympics Association (Facebook profile)

Landi Kotal — President Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Olympic Association is using the association for his cheap publicity and has turned it into a political platform. He is not interested to enhance sports activities in the tribal belt but to secure his political career in FATA by utilizing the Association to get ticket for NA-45, for the upcoming election.

These views were expressed by the President Khyber Football Association, Najeeb Shinwari on Friday.

He said that President FATA Olympic Association, Shahid Shinwari has utilizing sports for his political career and has destroyed the sports in the tribal belt.

The Association that had been declared disputed by the high authorities had to patronize 32 games but ironically for the last two years, it had not organized any other sports competitions in FATA except nominal even of Football Super League that was attended by only by three teams from across the tribal belt.

It was strange that the football games were initiated under the name of FATA Football Super League but not a single match was played in throughout the tribal belt, Shinwari said and adding peace has resorted in Bajaur, Kurram, Waziristan and other Tribal Agencies and neglecting the sports fields in FATA is injustice to the local tribesmen.

He came hard on the Olympic President and said that he was not interested in promoting of sports in FATA but to earn ticket for competing for NA-45 in the upcoming election.

Mr. Najeeb said that FATA Olympic Association was a private organization as it was recognized by the Sports Directorate FATA and other authorities of the FATA Secretariat.