Ghalanai — Political Administration of Mohmand Agency has asked unregistered Afghans living in different parts of the agency, to leave the region within six days, otherwise they would face strict actions, administration officials said.

Afghan refugees were notified through a written notice by the administration. Local people told that authorities have also announced on loudspeakers in mosques warning tribesmen to stop renting houses and supporting Afghans who are living illegally in the areas.

Later on the Assistant Political Agent Naveed Akbar said that the order was for specific Afghan refugees but not for all. Afghan traders and businessmen will be given time to sell out their outlets and finished their business in the area.

According to the officials, Afghan refugees living in the Ekkaghund area of Mohmand Agency will be sent back to their home country with respect.

Mohmand Agency is bounded by Bajaur Agency to the north, Khyber Agency to the south, Malakand and Charsadda districts to the east and Peshawer district to the south east.

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