Parachinar City after the blasts (PHOTO: DAWNNEWS)

Parachinar — At least 45 persons were killed and some 284 others injured when two subsequent blasts hit Turi Market of Kurram Agency on Friday.

The Agency’s government officials told that first a blast hit the market near a bus stand. People rushed towards the blast location to rescue and aid the hurt ones and then suddenly another blast targeted the rescuers and bystanders. Both blasts killed 45 people and injured over 284, officials told.

­People were busy in shopping for Eid in the evening when the blasts targeted Turi Market near Karman Adda, government sources said.

Officials told that injured ones were shifted to Agency Headquarter Hospital Parachinar and more than a dozen who were in critical condition, shifted to Peshawar though Pakistan army’s helicopters.

Security forces have corned off the area and imposed curfew in the areas soon after the blasts. Security forces have blocked all routs to Turi Market and launched search operation.

On the other side, tribesmen have protested against the blasts and broke CCTV cameras installed in the market.  The protesters were demanding government to take serious actions to protect common people. They criticized government for failing to such terrorist attacks. They asked why the attackers succeed despite tight security.

On March 31 this year, an Imambargah was targeted by car bomb blast which had killed 23 people and injured 70 others.

In January this year, a bomb blast had killed 25 people and injured 87 others in a local vegetable market in Parachinar.

Parachinar with a population of more than 50 thousand is the capital of Kurram Agency and situated on a neck of Pakistani territory south of Peshawar that juts into Paktia Province of Afghanistan.

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