A cow died of a mysterious disease spread in Tuda Cheena

Parachinar — At least 53 cows and 18 goats were died after a mysterious disease was spread in ‘Tuda Cheena’ area of Kurram Agency.

Local people said that a month ago when more than 30 animals were died. The Assistant Director Livestock Kurram Agency ‘Fazl Elahi’ told Tribal Post that they had sent a team of Doctors and vaccinated the animals. People told that the disease was controlled after vaccination.

Fazl Elahi said that the diseased is seemed to be spread because of the anthrax infection among the effected animals. However doctors are working on it and blood samples of animals have been sent to laboratories in Peshawar.

Muhammad Saleem said that the mysterious disease spread again in Tuda Cheena which killed 7 cows of him. “The Doctors vaccinated our animals but it was not fruitful,” said Saleem.

A local person Aziz ur Rehman said that they are facing huge loss because of the disease. Government should take some serious actions to control the disease.

The Assistant Director Livestock said that another team of Doctor has been sent to Tuda Cheena for investigating the disease.

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